Sunday, May 4, 2008

2007 Christmas menus

Individualized menus for our family's Christmas Eve Dinner in Kentucky. This has been a tradition in our family since 1980, and each year the menus and placecards are unique and different. This year I used a half uncial alphabet in sepia brown for an "old world" look.

Couldn't help but to put in the cutest American girls on Christmas morning!


4_of_us said...

Shannan, this is just wonderful! You have done an excellent job with the blog; you're such a "techy" now! Please keep me posted when you add to it.


Nancy Hamilton said...

Shannan! I still remember the beautiful bulletin boards @ the RAC that you always did in seminary. :) You can be sure, if I find are definitely doing my invitations. I hope you dont have to wait too long! :)tee.hee

mer said...

Shannan! I can't believe you have a blog and you didn't tell me!!! :)

I followed a link on Stephanie Davis' blog and followed another one to land here!

You are so talented! And I wanted to tell you that Sarah has those same AG pajamas for her and her doll. AK is so big, and so very cute.

Meredith B