Friday, May 2, 2008

it all started Christmas 1982...

My sister who was in college at the time (early 80's), was up late one night on Christmas Eve "eve." Our extended family always celebrated Christmas together with a huge meal on Christmas Eve night. She was feeling a bit creative and made personalized placecards and menus for everyone. They were very simple, but everyone thought it was a great idea. Every year they were different and more beautiful. Kim got too busy, and I eventually took over the job as the family's Christmas calligrapher after my mom gave me a Speedball calligraphy set while in junior high...the rest is history. This picture shows the 2006 Christmas menu. Every year I make placecards and personalized menus complete with our dinner list on the inside and all those present for dinner on the back. It is special to look back and see who was present throughout the years. Our 2006 cards are extra special because they were made in memory of my precious aunt who passed away that year. We adorn our Christmas trees with these special momentos from all the years past. Some of them have become extra special with new babies being born, first Christmas together, etc.

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