Saturday, June 19, 2010

Light Inks on Dark Paper - Beautiful!

Want to really make you invitations stand out? Use a light ink on dark paper. It makes such a striking statement. I recently made some samples and had so much fun shooting some pictures against some flowers in the back yard. Nature is truly a perfect backdrop!


Gina said...

I really like this look. It is a very professional accent to the invitations or announcements. Great option for customers.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the examples, Shannan! If I may ask, what ink did you use? It seems hard to find ink which will show opaquely enough on darker paper.

I'm DIYing my own wedding invites on dark, metallic blue envelopes and am stuck! I had planned to use a gold or yellow color, but all the inks I'm finding seem to runny. Any advice? Many thanks!